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Forthcoming RODI's Events

Friday July 26th 2019
Your lnternational Mistress of Ceremonies Gabriela, is delighted to announce the musical coming-together of a Galaxy of Stars from all corners of the northern hemisphere. Right in the heart of Shropshire!
At great expense and much diplomatic negotiation, Rodington Village Hall will host an evening you will neverfoqet!
The Ukulele Ladies of Gothenburg (Sweden), featuring two guests from Spain, will make you happier than you can imagine, with their beautiful harmonies, popular songs and wonderful orchestration.
Matthew Quilliam (UK) will astound you with his slick musicianship, his faster than the eye can see playing, and his endearing personality. A true professional.
The Cackalacky Cowboys {North Carolina) will get your toes a-tapping and your hands a-clapping with their upbeat, happy, rockin' and rollin. all American music.
It is my honour to emcee this incredible event.
Make sure you don't miss it!
Tickets £7 - going on sale soon.
The Ukulele Ladies of Gothenburg;
Eva Olivia, Christet, Ann, Mari-Anne, Ewa Elwira, Helene, lngrid, Mimmi, (featuring Ana Pavor and guest from Spain)

Ticket now available and can be ordered by ringing Ann on 01952770259 or Stan on 01925770524

We beginn our RODIs autumn programme on Saturday Oct 12th with the showing of the film 'Fishermans Friend'. 
A feel good movie well worth watching. It's a good mix of drama and comedy. Plenty of laughs, a bit of romance and a nice story that is based on real life events. If you fancy a night out with a movie that's entertaining and an easy watch give Fishermans Friends a go.